A WhatsApp Group is not a Team because…

Notification, you are added to a WhatsApp Group.

WhatsApp groups have become a common way for teams to communicate. And being added to a WhatsApp group often gives us a sense of belonging. It fulfills one of the strongest human desires, to belong.

However, a group can never be a team because quiet often it overlooks inclusion.And when inclusion is ignored, you may be in the group but not as a team member. In absence of inclusion, you go from belonging to believing that you don’t belong despite being a part of the group. Inclusion takes a back seat when…

  • You don’t respond to question someone has asked.
  • You are not just ignoring the person, you are ignoring the person in presence of others which
    augments the feeling of shame.
  • You try to send non clear messages with an intention that only a few understand and other’s don’t.
    Trust me this happens in # mostly.
  • You raise a point that negates others actions in the group. Wouldn’t it have been easier
    to just talk to the person?

I am huge fan of broadcast groups on WhatsApp, they don’t make a false promise of team building. And even if you set up a group with the purpose of information dissemination with an ability to ask questions, that’s fine.. just don’t expect to build team spirit on a WhatsApp group.

A WhatsApp group was not designed to build teams but somehow we think it does.

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