Business Storytelling: Tech Talk About Connections But Lacks a Human Connection

This blog is part 2 of my blog Tech Talk About Connections But Lacks a Human Connection. In this blog series I am decoding ( decoding = what makes it great ) one of the best IOT presentations I found via online research. The presentation is by Scott Hanselman.

The first 5 mins of the presentation decode can be found here. I highly recommend that you read the first blog before reading this one.

Here is the entire presentation

Here is the decode from 5 MINS to 6 MINS of the talk.

5:24 : Anticipating What Your Audience May Struggle With

Keeping the audience at the heart of this presentation, Scott identifies that people might not have the imagination to see the application of IOT in other scenarios like Build Server ( an enterprise example ) and  Watering Plants ( a consumer example ). Scott addresses this and says,  “That is what Internet of Things is all about.”

In future if you are presenting IOT using an example of IOT in manufacturing and you are aware that you also have audiences’ from different industries. It is important to catalyse their imaginations by sharing the example from their industries as well.

5.30 : Talking About How You Feel 

Scott says, ” that is what makes me happy.” Most of the professionals either forget to connect their sentiments to what they are talking about or feel hesitant to do so because it requires them to talk about themselves and their feelings attached the content. Mostly we dislike this space in a professional setting but what we fail to see is the aid it provides in demonstrating our passion for what we do.

Simple sentences like

” I am thrilled to share”

” We are so proud to have this”

demonstrate your passion for the technology you are trying to explain. Steve Jobs used the same strategy whilst launching i Cloud where he says, “I get to talk about i Cloud, we have been working on it for a while and we are really excited.”

5.57 : Addressing People’s Fear 

Scott shares the importance of excel by stating a fact that 80% of worlds business projects run on excel but at the same time connects with the audience by saying , “I am not very good at it.” He uses a very strong principle of making a connection with audience, which is, making them feel, I am just like you. He is doing this to overcome any objections that may be running through people’s mind like .. I am not good at excel and that will limit me.

That is all for this blog. I will continue to decode this amazing IOT Presentation in my upcoming blogs.

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