Can You Take A Selfie Of Taste?

A muskmelon purchased from Sembiyika, Japan’s oldest fruit shop, costs anywhere from 20,000 yen ($200) and above. A Sembiyika mango costs 10,000 yen ($100) per piece, and these high prices have caused many to shy away from purchasing these fruits, let alone consuming them.

Unless one skins the fruit, cuts it to pieces and consumes it, he or she will not be able to appreciate the true value of the fruit.

It is the taste of the fruit that makes it worth the high price one pays for the fruit. Once consumed, the moment is gone forever. Unlike audio-visual stimuli, gustatory experiences cannot be recorded or shared with another.

One may argue that if they take a selfie, he or she would remember the experience. Yes, one might remember the experience but one cannot replicate the gustatory experience from looking at a selfie.

Similar to the ephemeral quality of one’s sense of taste, being in the here and now can only be experienced at a particular moment in time. Once that moment passes, it’s gone forever.

Being present in the moment appears to be a vanishing trait in the world of selfies. There are moments when I wonder whether we attend events because we matter to each other or because we have yet another opportunity to take selfies that boosts our social media profiles.

If you are busy taking selfies, are you fully present in the moment and contributing to the conversations around you? Remember, a great experience, relationship, conversation, or interaction will be remembered forever … even without a selfie!

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