Corporates Should Not Create Compulsory Courses!

At the start of each year, corporate organisations generally allocate a certain budget for learning and development.

To ensure this budget is used effectively, a learning needs analysis is carried out. Workshops are designed. Learning partners and venues are carefully chosen. The courses are then rigorously socialised to get optimal number of participants.

However, the most important thing seems to be amiss and that is whether we have the enrollment from the potential participants?

Wait, let us understand what is enrollment because it is neither attendance nor the act of signing up.  Here is how Seth Godin defines enrollment,

Enrollment is what happens when you’re already engaged in the journey, when it’s something you seek out, something you’re eager for.

Let us stop compulsory courses and take this approach instead.

The executive leadership defines the organisation’s vision for the future. The organisation develops and provides the appropriate courses for employees to get to future. Only those who see themselves in that future enrol.

Employee enrollment is at the heart of change we seek to make with learning opportunities we provide.

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