Data Storytelling: Is Data Evidence Enough?

In the past, data was only available to researchers and scientists but now we are inundated with data.

This data inundation has led to many problems.

One of them is instead of using data to influence decisions

we are using data as an evidence alone.

But the question we have to ask ourselves is when does data like 36,000 employees, 36 locations, 110 years of existence has ever convinced us that a company is worth working with or for.

So, before presenting the evidence, before assuming that people will change their mind in response to the data, we need to ask one more question, do we have the enrollment ?

As Seth Godin says, Enrollment is not what happens when you sign up with the nearby school and they then threaten to throw the parents in jail if the kid doesn’t show up in class. Enrollment is what we call it when someone is eagerly present. When a consultant has enrollment from a client, the client is saying to her, “Yes, we want to move forward. Show us how.” As opposed to the consultant having to cajole and push and basically encourage the client to go forward.

We have to ask for a commitment. “If the evidence shows that there’s a better way to do this, are you open to changing?

Because evidence alone will never get us there. If it did then a good question to ask is why It took more than twenty years for Ignaz Semmelweis’ clear evidence about the cause of maternal deaths to be accepted?

Present Evidence with data but a prerequisite to that is Enrollment. 

In the coming weeks we will be posting information on how to get enrollment.

This blog is inspired by Seth Godin’s Recent Blog Everything Is An Experiment

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