Skills Inflation

For a long time we clapped for talent.

Then we learnt that talent indeed is overrated but skills can be acquired by making an effort.

As a result, some of us started clapping for the effort that went in to acquiring a skill. That clap became a motivating factor for many to acquire skills. The digital world contributed towards to skills acquisition agenda by making acquisition cheaper and accessible.

And now there is skills inflation. Let us not forget skills acquisition is not the end point. The application of skills acquired is what matters.

There are bountiful people sitting on the imaginary throne of skills inflation. The world doesn’t need your skill until you do something with it.

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Why the QR Code? The answer is in the request below we received from a regular blog reader.

"I attended your story telling course some time back. And I've enjoyed keeping up my knowledge with your blog. You may not have realised however, that the Whole of Government is implementing Internet Seperation. Hence I'm not able to access the links to read your articles. Could I suggest including a QR code in your emails so that I can use my mobile to scan it and gain immediate access to the article? It would be most helpful"