Storytelling: Tell us about yourself !

If you are a bit sick of reciting your CV when asked “Tell us about yourself” and you are ready to find a remarkable way of answering this question, this blog is for you.

A few months ago I wrote one of my most read blogs of 2015 Storytelling : And why say a hello like this?

The point I was trying to make via this blog was First Impressions count and you have to carefully select the content of your introduction.

I used Satya Nadella’s example and decoded his introduction which revealed the logic behind every word used.

When you tell people something about yourself of which they are unaware,  it reveals something about your character and that is the best way to introduce yourself

Here is a video of Satya Nadella himself telling the world who he is.

NOTE: This video is 4.44 mins.If you are time poor watch the first 1 min 

Now, this was a great introduction and garnered a lot of attention. However, there is one more element that could have made this introduction even better.


Capturing a moment.

Here is a example of Jillian Michaels, a world famous fitness instructor who captures a moment that plays a fundamental role in making her delivery even better

NOTE : This video is 3.55 mins long. If you are time poor watch the segment from 1.45 mins to 2.35 mins which where a moment is captured

Moments activate our visualisation and people start seeing what you are saying which leads to a very high level of engagement.

How could you put the learnings from this blog to use ?

1. Think about which of your character traits or beliefs you would like the audience to know?

Eg; In Satya Nadella’s case it was – his love for learning and in Jillian Michaels’ case – her belief that people need people

2. Think about a story or action that brings that character trait or belief to life

Eg : In Satya Nadella’s case – buying more books then he can finish and in Jillian Michaels’ case – Feeling strong whilst breaking the boards

3. Make sure that this story is relevant to the audience

So, next time you are asked, Tell us about yourself, don’t recite your CV. Tell a story that reveals your character trait or belief.

Steve Denning in his book Storytelling for Leaders, Secrete Language of Leadership puts it wonderfully

A story is like a DNA strand

that reveals the entire fabric of

your character 





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