The fatiguing world of possibilities

We wake up every morning to a world of possibilities. Yes, everything is possible and let me remind you of

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But it is worth reflecting on the fact that it is the same endless possibilities that become the reason for fatigue,  lack of focus and grounding for many.

A better way to lead a meaningful life is to see the possibilities, label them, extract few probabilities out of the labeled possibilities and then give whatever it takes to get to them.

There are many possibilities but only few probabilities.

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Why the QR Code? The answer is in the request below we received from a regular blog reader.

"I attended your story telling course some time back. And I've enjoyed keeping up my knowledge with your blog. You may not have realised however, that the Whole of Government is implementing Internet Seperation. Hence I'm not able to access the links to read your articles. Could I suggest including a QR code in your emails so that I can use my mobile to scan it and gain immediate access to the article? It would be most helpful"