Video Storytelling: The Story I will never tell

Video Storytelling for Corporates

Recently, I was asked by a client. So, what do you keep in mind when you develop a Story? It was an interesting question that led me to writing down points, which I believe were the reasons behind why my clients returned and gave me opportunity to do some sensational video storytelling work in Singapore, Vietnam, China, Thailand and Kuala Lumpur.

I apply the same rules for B2B and B2C Video Storytelling

My Video Storytelling Values

1.I will never tell a story that is not true

2. I will never tell a story where the expectation is – spotlight on my customer. I believe the spotlight should be on someone whose success was made possible by my customer’s product/ services.

3. I will never tell a story that does not have a single character people can resonate with

4. I will never tell a story that fails to show the struggles of the character

5. I will never tell story where I am not allowed to spend majority of the time showing struggles of the main character versus the success achieved.

6. I will never tell a story where I am asked to show logos, products and services of my customer unnecessarily

7. I will never tell a story where I personally do not get to interview the main character beforehand and learn about what makes them tick

8. I will never tell a story that is made to please everyone. I will remain clear on who this story is for. I am not making a Hollywood film that is looking for a Box Office success.

9. Finally, I will never tell a story where I am not given creative freedom to do my best work

I look at this list and realise that somehow I knew what I will not do before I knew what I will do…. But aren’t Values just that.

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