What is the challenge that this engagement can solve?


Narrative Change Management Storytelling is a consulting engagement in which we help you curate and embed a change story for an organisational change.

These changes can be IT changes, department mergers, acquisition or anything that requires our teams to stop doing the things we know and start doing the things we don’t know.

The conventional management approach to announcing change in a business is to give people reasons and knowledge on why the change is needed.

Sadly, this faith in reasons and knowledge isn’t borne out in practice. Asking people to stop doing the things that they know and start doing things that they don’t know much about, amounts to asking them to adopt new identities. The result? Skepticism. Hostility. Anything but enthusiastic implementation.

Fortunately, there is a solution at hand in a particular form of a Change Story that is not created but curated with conversations with people on the ground, which provides not just the reason, but motivation for enthusiastic implementation.

Curation of a compelling change story is the first step of a good Change Management Plan.

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What sort of outcomes can you expect?


Rather than giving you a long list of outcomes that people aspire to achieve, we prefer to share the outcomes that some of our clients have achieved from our Change Management Storytelling Engagement. 

I now have a structured and methodical way of communicating Change Story
The Change Story that I have for our IT Transformation project is relevant and engaging
I feel a lot more confident than I felt in the past about communicating Change
I understood the importance of emotions in Change Story. Everything about this story is Practical, nothing seemed fictional
The importance of preparing consistent and informed answers for people's anticipated concerns, questions and worries is a great technique
I have learnt how I can be authentic, honest and still get the best out of my people
I am thankful for this amazing session where there was so much focus on bringing the voice of our people to us and creating a compelling Change Narrative

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Hear from Maria how our Change Management Storytelling Engagement helped her

I am a communications specialist with a leading computer software brand. In 2016 we had to implement a major IT change within the business. We were worried because our workforce is large and complex. We wanted to equip our leaders with a compelling change story that they could tell their teams. It is then we met Anjali. Anjali helped us with building a change story that was very well received by our leaders. We achieved a very high NPS and equipped our leaders to tell the change story to not only excite the mind but also provide a route to the heart to want to change. We were delighted with the results, the level of engagement and Narrative’s ability to always find a better way of achieving the desired outcome. I highly recommend Change Story as an essential element of any Change Management Strategy

Maria Alsagoff
Communications Specialist

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