Most online learning is about dumping some videos and articles on a platform and asking people to learn. Well, we call that a virtual content dump. Our virtual academy is guided, connected, filled with tasks and a whole lot of fun!

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Our online workshop can be run in 2-4 weeks.


Contents covered:








WhatsApp Group

  • Post the workshop, we send you 2 videos per week on your mobile.

  • Every Monday, we share a storytelling example and every Wednesday a story insight.

  • You can see some of our videos on our Youtube channel.


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eBook Compilation

  • Creating story content in an e-book format by collecting stories from your participants.

  • A sample for you can be made available upon request.



  • We'll collect the 3 best stories told in the workshop on video, edit it and send it to you for use.


See video sample here



I heard Anjali talk about Making Connections through stories. Apart from the fact that she was an engaging facilitator, the stories she shared confirmed my personal conviction of how storytelling can undoubtedly help bankers and insurers understand what we do at SAP for financial services.



Joanne Pei Lee Wong

Director Head of Financial Services, SAP









I really enjoyed that we used real life examples like centralised asset management to come up with stories and after the workshop I could straight away use these stories. It’s not a generic workshop.



Jeffery Hong

Head, Centre for User Support, National Institute of Education






We have very positive comments about Anjali’s session and the focus on story telling to facilitate their experience with our program.



Marcus Lim

Director, Education, Asia Pacific, Cisco Systems  









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