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What is the challenge that this engagement can solve?

If you are in Sales, chances are that you have heard of CEB and Google’s finding that 57% of the sales cycling is disappearing.

That is, a large chunk of your potential clients have done their initial research without your input and won’t even give you the chance to pitch for their work.

It's great to have this information, but are we doing something about it? If your answer is, "But we have a social media strategy, web integration strategy, CRM etc."

All that is good and expected but it doesn't change anything because all your competitors have that too.

There is a very simple way to regain the lost ground in your sales process, by getting a very basic skill right, that so few companies do effectively – Sales Storytelling where your sales strategy moves from providing information to insights and you become a memorable trusted advisor.

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Hear from Seshachari how our Sales Storytelling helped him

We needed our top 50 sales people who are based globally to shift from selling information to selling insights. To achieve that, we started working with Anjali. She is doing great work for us, the deep insights she brought to the table in relation to how Org. storytelling could transform our business were profound.

Our sales team has seen shortened sales cycles and larger average deal size at the point of sale.

What I liked best was that you are helping us to discover the best in ourselves, you made suggestions, not commands.

Seshachari .S
SVP - Capacity Building, Digital at Bahwan CyberTek

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