What is the problem that we are trying to solve with Video Storytelling?


In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore what doesn't connect. Yes, even if it is good. 

Let us imagine that you work for a company that is an all-round technology leader. Your organisation's offerings include data centres, collaboration tools, networking solutions, cloud computing; you have made game changing advances all over your industry.

Now, you have every reason why people should buy your product, but for people to stop, pay attention and listen to what you are trying to say, you'll need to look beyond speeds and feeds of your products.

In such a situation, what makes perfect sense is to use video as a medium. We tell real stories of people who have achieved the desired outcome because your product or service existed. This form of storytelling looks beyond the product benefits and creates a connection, even if you have too little time and too many options.

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Video Storytelling


Hear from Peter how our Video Storytelling Services have helped him

I work as a content Managing Editor- ASEAN for a leading technology solutions company. We wanted to humanise what we sell by the stories we tell. Anjali has helped us at various occasions on creating video stories of Human Ambition where our product enables the human ambitions to become reality

Peter Lye
Content Managing Editor , ASEAN, Cisco

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