Initially, the business was focussed on providing trainings and workshops on Business Storytelling to help business professional make their messages stick and as a result achieve better business outcomes.

However, as we did repeat work for our clients. Our clients started to notice that we were helping them beyond their training and development needs.

This was the start of a unique consulting arm of Narrative.  Why unique? Because unlike a consulting firm we don't just consult, we hand hold our clients through the change.

Some of the consulting projects that we have worked on are Change Management Storytelling . Building a Brand Ambassador Storytelling Program for world's no. Memory business under our Storytelling for Presentations offerings. Creating, Directing and Producing Video Stories for worldwide leader in IT and Networking Business under our Video Storytelling offerings

Today, the business has morphed in to a successful story practice with two strong arms, Business Storytelling Training and Workshops and Business Storytelling Consulting.


Meet Anjali

Anjali is the Managing Director of Narrative: The Business of Stories. Anjali works with private and government organizations to determine what their individual and unique business challenges are and by incorporating Story Skills, crafts individualized solutions to help solve those challenges.

Anjali has helped companies increase Staff Engagement and Performance, increase Client Satisfaction and Sales, define Company Values and effectively Position Brands by embedding Story Skills into their organizations.

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What people say about Anjali

"I met Anjali last year when we had planned to try some innovative ways to solve our business communication challenges. I had many questions going in to that session with Anjali. She started discussions with a video of a great brand story and asked us WHY IS THE BRAND TELLING A STORY? Immediately all my doubts, questions were removed and I knew I was at the right place. Later on she introduced techniques and other stuff on story telling in a very simple and genuine way.

After working with Anjali, I realized that story telling can be learned and one can become proficient at it. I applied the technique I learnt from her during many business and people situations – it feels wonderful seeing the instant results."

Saurin Shah
Country Manager, BASF
"I read a few books on this subject but attending the storytelling workshop provided me with a structured learning opportunity. I lead a fast growing business and as I started to put the tools and techniques into practice, I began to see how effective storytelling was in establishing an intense and personal connection with the audience…customers, employees and anyone in my network. I use the techniques to help me build trust, get people to buy into my vision and drive behavior that will lead to successful business outcomes.

Anjali's work is very structured and she makes the environment very easy and fun to practice. By working with Anjali you will also learn that practising storytelling often and keeping them simple and authentic have a great impact on the audience. You will soon realize that storytelling is not just a perfect anti-dote to death by powerpoint but also a life-skill!"

Kishore KK
VP & Head of Business Innovation at SAP
"Working in collaboration with Anjali of Narrative : The Business of Stories, we provide “Executive Communication by Storytelling” as one of the modules in our customer leadership programs.

Her effective facilitation of the workshop earned her positive feedback and high scores from our participants. Anjali always strives to be flexible and was able to tailor the content and schedules to our requirements. She takes great care to ensure that her work is practical and not just theoretical.

Our leadership team has learnt plenty from her workshops. We are delighted with the partnership we have had with Anjali."

Wong Peng Hong
Customer Regional Director, GE Crotonville

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