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The best way to answer this is by telling you what we have done for someone who is perhaps just like you.Our clients get in touch with us looking for a training or a workshop on Business Storytelling but upon discussion we discover their needs sound something like this

I am a communications specialist with a leading computer software brand. In 2016 we had to implement a major IT change. We used Narrative’s services to curate a Change Story which lead to a successful Change Implementation.

Maria Alsagoff

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As the founding curator of TEDx Singapore, my team and I coach our TEDx speakers ahead of their talks. In 2015 we met Anjali and invited her to be our Storytelling Coach. Anjali has the X factor and her passion for storytelling is infectious.

Dave Lim 

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We needed our sales people to shift from selling information to selling insights with influence. To achieve that we started working with Anjali. Our sales team has seen shortened sales cycles and larger average deal size at the point of sale.

Seshachari .S

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I work as a content Managing Editor- ASEAN for a leading technology solutions company. We wanted to humanise what we sell by the stories we tell. Anjali has helped us at various occasions by creating video stories that help us achieve that.

Peter Lye 

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What exactly does Narrative: The Business of Stories Do? 

Imagine communicating with someone in a business setting. Most likely you will find yourself in these sort of situations:

Presenting complex data, Introducing a change Imperative, Trying to communicate organisational values, Trying to sell a product .Or simply a discussion with your team, clients, partners or bosses where despite your solid preparation and knowledge your message doesn't stick.

We have all left these conversations, discussions and presentations not being heard and feeling frustrated at some stage in our careers.

In a business setting every communication happens with a desired action in mind but often our voices fall on deaf ears and nothing changes. This problem of not being able to drive the right change has only become worse with overwhelming information available online.

This leaves business professionals with only one option which is to communicate in a way that the desired change is driven with motivation, engagement and connection.

And for all those business professionals who want their communication to lead to their desired action “Narrative: The Business of Stories" exists.
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