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 Narrative's Data Storytelling workshop is designed to help drive change via insights generated via numbers

Words have always been the most natural way to tell stories. However, the rising importance of data has created a new need for us, which is to tell a story with numbers. Something that doesn’t come naturally to us.

We have always presented an analysis of numbers. Hence, we are great at analysing the data but not so great at being able to use the insights from our data analysis to influence people to make better decisions.

Therefore, Data Storytelling skill becomes key to anyone who works with data. If you are not using the data for the desired change then what are you gathering and analysing it for?

Your data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but no value can be created unless insights are uncovered and translated into actions for better business outcomes.

Data analysis skills paired with data storytelling skills are invaluable in the current business environment 


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