What is the challenge this program can solve?

Businesses lose large contracts despite having the best products and services because their in room presentations to their clients and teams miss the mark. Our 1 Day Storytelling for Presentations program develops your skills to not only present effectively but also to plan, create and visualize that winning presentation to engage, influence and achieve the desired action

Transforming Presentations ProgramBeing able to gather information, create a PowerPoint and present it to communicate your ideas is a skill that businesses take for granted. You get hired in a role and then asked to start presenting, as if the ability to  create persuasive presentations is something that we all have been born with. Our Storytelling Presentations program teaches you how to plan, create and present a winning presentation.


Who is it for?

Transformation story who is it forThis 1 day workshop is invaluable for anyone who wants to improve their ability to communicate ideas, concepts and products using presentations. Most likely you will be someone who faces your clients,teams  stakeholders and partners.

This workshop is also valuable for people who may not face the audience, but have the task of gathering insights, data, information and putting all of that information in to storyline that can be presented seamlessly.


What’s Included?

The way we learn has changed. A one-day event based program can deliver a short-term effect but for lasting effect and success, post program efforts are very important. Our online and social media, community based post learning efforts act as a great platform for you to embed what you have learnt into your day-to-day activities. This 12 week post learning program is designed to make learning pervasive and incorporated into your daily work, and not just a one day event via mobile learning triggers

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What Does it Cover?

The Transforming presentations program focuses on three key challenges faced by business professionals when dealing with presentations.

Transform you Powerpoint Presentations and Communication Skills with Narrative's Transforming Presentation Program.


Planning Stage is focused on articulating the message you are conveying. Gathering commercial insights, articulating the problem we are trying to solve, working on a point of view and creating a clear solution for the problem. This is the most crucial stage and probably the one that is most overlooked the most too.

Creating Stage is focused on converting the information you have gathered into a storyline that can be delivered succinctly. This stage is focused on visual storytelling.

Delivering Stage is when all that you need to prepare for your in room delivery is ready and we focus on what will make you and your presentation memorable and remarkable. The stage is focused on oral storytelling.

Storytelling for Presentations Our work TEDx Singapore

In 2015, we were the Storytelling Coach for TEDx Conference in Singapore Needless to say, it was one of our most rewarding work in Storytelling for Presentations



Storytelling Training and Workshop Singapore Presentations

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When it comes to Presentations and Storytelling. Nothing is more
powerful than TEDx.

As the founding curator of TEDxSingapore, my team and I coach our TEDx speakers ahead of their talks. We had presentations and slide design experts and also needed a storytelling expert. In 2015, wee met Anjali and invited her to our Storytelling Coach.Anjali has the X factor and her passion for storytelling is infectious and inspirational.

Dave Lim

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