Storytelling a way to build Idiosyncrasy Credits

“idiosyncrasy credits—the latitude to deviate from the group’s expectations. Idiosyncrasy credits accrue through respect, not rank: they’re based on contributions.”

Adam M. Grant, Originals: How Nonconformists Move the World

In this explanation of idiosyncrasy credits is a lesson in storytelling. I aim to answer two things in this short blog

1) Why to storytell is to be idiosyncratic? 

Firstly, the moment we decide to storytell versus just present in a standard boring way we are deviating from the group’s expectation. You may give all the information you need to with a standard informational presentation and it may be good but good will eventually become boring and fade in interest. Staying at a 5 Star hotel is good but staying at an AirBnB apartment is interesting.

2) Who are the best idiosyncratic storytellers? 

The best storytellers are the ones who have earnt respect already, those whose differences are applauded and not shut down.

When we walk in to an Apple store and see the staff in loose jeans hanging below the waste with a casual tee. That idiosyncrasy becomes interesting to us because it is Apple. A brand whose story has earnt our respect already.

Stay Storied!

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