Ritz Carlton Bali

A family that was staying in Ritz-Carlton, Bali, was carrying specialised eggs and milk for their son who suffered from food allergy. Unfortunately, upon reaching the hotel the eggs had broken and the milk was spoilt. I am sure you can imagine the state of the family, it is natural to feel dismayed in such a situation. Well guess what Ritz-Carlton did to make it all right? The Manager and the dining staff searched the whole town for the specific kind of egg and milk. Regrettably, they couldn’t find those items anywhere. But that did not stop Ritz-Carlton staff from doing everything it takes to deliver customer happiness. The hotel’s Executive Chef knew where they could find them: in Singapore, approximately 1680 kms away! The Chef contacted his mother-in-law (wait a minute, she is not even a part of the company!) and requested her to fly down with the eggs and milk. She had no obligation to agree to it, but she did, just to put a wide smile on the family’s face.

With such an experience, the family is bound to make Ritz-Carlton their paradise wherever they go. The common enthusiasm in offering first class experience to its customers, shared by every staff is quite uncommon! If this is not going the extra mile (literally), what is!?

Undoubtedly this story tells us more about the incredible people who put their heart and soul into what they do, but it also shows the kind of freedom Ritz-Carlton gives its employees to go the ‘extra-mile’. Without such empowerment, it is impossible to imagine that such stories could ever be real.
Source: http://customerthink.com/amazingly-shocking-customer-experience-story-ritz-carlton-does-it-again/

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