The perils of vulnerability in corporate storytelling
“When storytelling, be vulnerable, talk about your mistakes and you will connect with your audience.” says a communication expert to a group of corporate professionals. It is worth exploring the perils associated with this generic advice that doesn’t always work in a corporate setting. A few years ago I was watching videos of corporate leaders such as Indra Nooyi, Meg Whitman, Ginni

Concrete Corporate Storytelling Sticks
To use corporate storytelling to bring an organisation’s goal to life is a good practice.However, if the goal is not concrete, it is highly unlikely you will be able to move people in to action. You will leave a group of motivated employees not knowing what to do next. *In 1960’s when Boeing prepared to launch the design of the 727 passenger…

Storytelling a Perfect Plan in the VUCA World
Is storytelling a perfect plan even possible in today’s VUCA world? An architect has a plan in place, we call it the blueprint. Blueprint is executed to perfection, or at-least that is the goal. As such an architect’s day to day task is mostly predictable. A gardener however, deals with immense uncertainty. She is not sure if the seed will become seedling,…

Storytelling: Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect Alone
Storytelling creates motivation required for any change implementation. This blog is for you if you are like Azira. Azira is responsible for learning and development for a MNC. At the end of each year she thoroughly researches relevant learning opportunities, conducts surveys to find out what is the learning need in her organisation, has conversations at all levels and then puts together…

Storytelling : The Connection Conundrum
Just before dinner last night, my daughter and I were on the phone to my mother. At one stage during the call we had a big laugh. Later, during dinner my husband asked, “ Why were you guys laughing?” I asked him, “Do you want the facts or the story? His response, which I had already anticipated was, “Just give me the