Visual Storytelling : Did you see a garden?

if I said to you, ” Garden ” . Did you see a Garden or did you see the alphabets – G A R D E N S?

This is a no brainer. We see a garden and not the alphabets that is because we think in images not in words. Yet, what I find most surprising is in the digital age most communication happens in words which are made up of alphabets.

For people like me who blog we are victims of SEO . If we don’t write then we will not up come up on the search because people search with words not images. Its a trap.

But this trap doesn’t exist for oral communicators who use powerpoint presentations. They can use a great image that does the visual storytelling and enhances their messages.

But the key is to choose the right image.

So, how do we choose images for visual storytelling?

Here is my most important tip which solves majority of the issues we have with visual storytelling.

Say I want to talk about climate change

I can put image A or B but the question to ask is- which one  tells the better visual story?

Visual Storytelling


Think of the what will happen if the problem you are trying to solve is not solved.

The impact of the problem is the story not the problem itself.

So, obviously its B.


Since images are so important we have also put Narrative: The Business of Stories‘ Visual Story of the last 3 years here for you to view.

Do let us know what word comes to mind when you look at our visual story.


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Why the QR Code? The answer is in the request below we received from a regular blog reader.

"I attended your story telling course some time back. And I've enjoyed keeping up my knowledge with your blog. You may not have realised however, that the Whole of Government is implementing Internet Seperation. Hence I'm not able to access the links to read your articles. Could I suggest including a QR code in your emails so that I can use my mobile to scan it and gain immediate access to the article? It would be most helpful"