Visual Storytelling : Did you see a garden?

If I said to you, “Garden.” Do you see a garden or do you see the alphabets – G A R D E N S?

This is a no brainer. We see a garden and not the alphabets. Because we think in images not in words.

Our natural ability to think in images allows us to be great visual storytellers. Especially when doing power point presentations.

But the key is to choose the right image.

So, how do we choose images for visual storytelling?

Here is my most important tip which solves majority of the issues we have with visual storytelling.

Say, I want to talk about climate change.

I can put image A or B but the question to ask is- which image tells a better visual story?

Visual Storytelling

Think of the what will happen if the problem you are trying to solve is not solved.

The impact of the problem is the story not the problem itself.

So, obviously its B. If you think of the impact of the problem you are trying to communicate and then select the image, you will get the story visual story right.

Let us not forget – Vision Trumps All Other Senses

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