Narrative Medicine: Patient contact, back to the future

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The two main sources for a doctor to know what is going on with a patient is via the patient history and the physical examination. All too often now the physical examination has given way to a battery of tests. In an era of amazing advancements in medical technology, this is a most telling and moving talk by Dr Abraham Verghese on the importance of the physical examination to the doctor patient relationship.

Narrative has programmes and workshops specific to Health and Medicine to enhance the relationship and narrative between hospitals/medical professionals and their patients. If you would like to find out more about Narrative’s use of story techniques to augment and enhance your clinical and administrative skills please contact us or visit our Narrative Medicine page.

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"I attended your story telling course some time back. And I've enjoyed keeping up my knowledge with your blog. You may not have realised however, that the Whole of Government is implementing Internet Seperation. Hence I'm not able to access the links to read your articles. Could I suggest including a QR code in your emails so that I can use my mobile to scan it and gain immediate access to the article? It would be most helpful"