Personal Value Storytelling: Let us go around the table and Introduce ourselves

Introducing ourselves at a Boardroom Table especially when our bosses are seated at the same table is nothing but stressful.

So, the easiest thing to do is to be safe and say something like this. “My name is Sania and I am the Director of Healthcare Innovation.”

Now, this is a safe introduction and granted no one will raise eye brows at what you said but there is another side to this introduction and this side we conveniently forget. After that introduction you will also not be remembered. In our effort to be safe we are happy to be forgotten.

What shall we do?

Let us attempt at making this better with an example.


You are Sania, Director of Healthcare Innovation for hospital XYZ based in Singapore. You are headed to a meeting in New York with your CEO. The meeting is focused on fostering Knowledge Sharing amongst leading healthcare organisations.

The Meeting Begins

If Sania is like me, her heart is probably beating faster than normal because there are so many new people and her boss is at the table too. If she says or does something wrong…. It will follow her home. Not a nice feeling. So, Sania just wants to be over and done with the let us go around the table and introduce ourselves part, asap.

At this stage Sania is thinking she will be safe and say this” My name is Sania and I am the Director for Healthcare Innovation at… and I am pleased to be here”

I am requesting Sania to take a little risk and try this 

Hello, my name is Sania and I am the  Director of Healthcare Innovation at XYZ Hospital in Singapore.  I am delighted to be here today because there have been times in my career in Healthcare where I have been very excited with the innovative ideas we have come up with only to realise that they have already been done elsewhere before us. The thought that has run through my mind is – I wish we knew that. Now, that would have never happened if we were having meetings like these then. So, the idea of knowledge sharing is delightful to me not only from the productivity point of view but also for expediting patient care.

This is a 20 sec ( yes, I timed myself)  introduction and my question to Sania and many others like her is… Will you take a 20 sec risk or be safe and be forgotten?

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