Forward Story : A story of hope, resilience and success

2020 started with a big bang with our vision, mission, business strategies, organisational goals and plans in place. In just a few days, the world came to a standstill.

Our growth story slipped through our hands like sand, and every leader now has to convey a new hope, resilience, and a forward story of success in the new normal.

You are one of the few who has already built that story, and you are confident that IF people followed that story, success in the new normal would be possible. However, there is a big IF  and only IF people would follow your story. 

To ensure that people follow your story, the story needs to demonstrate individual success in the new normal and not just organisational success. So, you decide to take people on a journey of success.

The story will be built for people, and it will include the following benefits:

  •       You will receive better compensation
  •       You will have more time
  •       You will have a better working environment with new facilities, like a gym.


However, the mistake we often make is we rely on solving superficial problems instead of digging deeper to identify what success means for the people. The story should instead highlight the heart of the issues, which are:

  •        Instead of You will receive better compensation, You will now be able to afford better universities for your children
  •        Instead of You will have more time , You will now have time to learn new skills
  •       Instead of You will have a better working environment with new facilities, like a gym within the building, You will now be able to exercise in a gym in the building  and become healthier.

The stories we tell spark the listeners’ imaginations and help them see a successful version of themselves. By going deeper to understand the people’s version of success, we are able to tell stories that will engage our listeners and have them follow our story. 

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Why the QR Code? The answer is in the request below we received from a regular blog reader.

"I attended your story telling course some time back. And I've enjoyed keeping up my knowledge with your blog. You may not have realised however, that the Whole of Government is implementing Internet Seperation. Hence I'm not able to access the links to read your articles. Could I suggest including a QR code in your emails so that I can use my mobile to scan it and gain immediate access to the article? It would be most helpful"