Storytelling For Presentations

Presenting is marketing because what are presentations for? To promote or sell an idea, product or service?

The primary goal of the presenter is to sell an idea to the audience, and the best, most effective way to do that is through telling stories.

Here are 3 simple questions you can ask yourself when crafting compelling story led presentations.

1. What’s the point you are trying to make?

What’s the key message/ point you are trying to make?

What’s the most important takeaway?

What story are you going to tell to get that message across?

2. Does the story resonate with the audience?

Is the story specifically tailored to them? Your presentation’s story is going to fall on deaf ears if it’s a story that doesn’t need to be heard by the audience, it won’t keep them interested enough to make an impression.

3. Is it true?

Most people have a pretty good bullshit detector, so never present a story that’s patently false, deceptive or inconsistent. The very moment your story begins to seem fake or phony is the very moment your audience will tune out and turn off.

Download a working sheet by clicking here, to help you create your next story led presentation.

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