Sales Storytelling: Are you Faking it?

The role of Emotion in Sales Storytelling

A couple of years ago I had just finished running a Storytelling Workshop for a multinational computer technology corporation when I felt rather disappointed with the outcome. The client was happy but I was not.


Because one of the participants actually cried whilst delivering a story, and that to me was not the desired outcome. I wrote about it here. I have something against the overplaying of emotions, specially in Sales Storytelling.

Over the last one month, I have been reading Paul Smith’s book, Sell With a Story in which I found an insight that confirmed my thoughts on Emotions.

Here it is for you

Ira Glass, host of a very popular radio show, This American Life, talks about the role of emotions in storytelling.

*”When you are telling an emotional story, you can’t play it emotionally. You have to be as flat as possible. The more emotional it is, the more neutral you have to be. Otherwise it’s corny.”

*Source: “This American Life Creator Ira Glass on the art of storytelling, from Conversations with Richard Fidler”.

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