Selling With Stories? What Are The Elements Of Stories?

When you sell, it’s most likely that your preparation before communication with your customers starts with answering questions like these,

So, what are we going to say?

What are our unique selling propositions?

How are we different from our competitors?

These questions come naturally to our minds because of how we have been trained over the years. However, we are rarely taught about stories and its importance when selling.

If you want to tell the right stories when selling, you’ll need to understand the stories that your customers tell themselves first.

If you keep the following things in mind, your probability of success when selling with stories increases.

  1. The star of the story is the customer or someone like your customer (sorry, your product/services is not the star)
  2. The story always keeps your customer away from things that worry them (eg, in B2B, one of the big fear is.. is my boss going to be disappointed?)
  3. The story shows your customer how to be successful (not just in revenue generation but what success also looks like in acknowledgement, appreciation and recognition)

Stories that include these elements take the customer on a journey. The customers themselves can talk about the transformation like this …

Initially, I thought  __________. But then, I realised _________. And, now I am able ____________.

Happy Selling With Right Stories!

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