Sales Storytelling : Pitching

Sales Storytelling:  Pitching not just In Person but via Email, Twitter and with One Word 

I read Daniel Pink’s book To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, a couple of years ago and one of my favourite chapter in the book is on Pitching. This chapters explores 6 effective ways to pitch along with examples

You can watch the Daniel Pink explaining the 6 ways in this video

Reading a book, learning some effective ways and then blindly following them is not something that excites me. What excites me is working out why what the author writes matters, and what makes his/ her ways effective. So, here is my take on why the 6 pitching techniques in this video work

Method No Pitch Type What Makes it Effective ? Related Concept
1 Pixar Pitch As Dan mentions in the video the reason why Pixar Pitch works is because we do not see the world as a set of logical propositions we see it as a set of episodes.. Storytelling
2 Emails Have a subject line that makes you curious because most subject lines are not. So, the idea is to do something unexpected that leads to curiosity. Purple Cow
3 Ryhmes Rhymes increase our processing fluency. Fluency processing bias essentially suggests that things which are more easy for us to comprehend, which are more simple for us to digest are processed easily. Processing Fluency
4 Questions Asking questions makes you think versus just receiveving the information. We tend to remember and digest information that is made slightly harder for us to attain. Disfluency
5 Twitter Asking an intriguing question on twitter makes you think. The logic behind this is the same as method 4 Disfluency
6 One Word Equity One word equity is all about priority and gaining the mind share. The word priority came into the English language in the 1400’s and it was used in the singular and meant the very first or prior thing.  When someone is so clear about a Priority it naturally makes their messages stand out Priority

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