Sales Teams are not good for Business Growth

What I don’t understand is, even though the only people who are excited with the use of word sales are the sellers and not the buyer ( this excludes the discount sales excitement for buyers ) why, when the buyer is the king, do we continue to use this word especially when it works against us? Yes, it works against. Sales teams are not good for Business Growth if they are called sales teams. Here is my personal experience that has led to my belief

In 2010 I was on the phone with Marianne ( not her real name ). Marianne is the head of marketing for a global insurance firm based in Hong Kong. We were discussing our upcoming meeting where we were going to firm up the story of a product that Marianne’s   company was going to launch in Singapore in a few months time.Two minutes in to the conversation Marianne said to me, “ What is your title Anjali?”. Obviously I was a bit confused with the question and after a few seconds I said ,” Director of Sales “. What she said after that I will never forget. She said, ” Can I please meet someone who is not a “sales person” because sales people are eager to seal the deal and never to be seen again”. I was shocked at the sentiments attached with the word Sales. So, in my next role even though a lot of what I did was selling I fought for my title to be Client Relations.

My thinking was further confirmed when I saw this *word cloud made up of words people responded with when asked-  When you think of “sales” or “selling,” what’s the first word that comes to mind?


Using the word sales is almost like using the word story, it comes with a lot of baggage. If you think selling is your job then you have a very narrow and self centred view. Sales should be a natural outcome of your amazing ability to add value to the client.

Create teams that can add value. Don’t call them sales team. Sales will happen

*Source: Daniel H. Pink To Sell is Human, The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

Image Source:Daniel H. Pink To Sell is Human, The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

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