Practice Does Not Make Perfect, Feeling Like Muhammad Ali Does

On why I chose this quote from Muhammad Ali in the header image : Muhammad Ali’s motivation was a prerequisite to his successful practice without which the practice is not as effective. This quote clearly demonstrates the depth of his motivation.

This blog is for you if you are like Azira. Azira is responsible for learning and development for a MNC.

At the end of each year she thorougly researches relevant learning opportunities, conducts surveys to find out what is the learning need, has conversations at all levels and then puts together an amazing learning calendar.

Upon approval she gets the world class consultants/ trainers, the organisation pays them a bomb, training takes place. Almost everyone in the room thinks this is the best training program I have ever been to. The feedback scores are rocketing high… Azira is feeling great, the trainer/ consultant  is feeling great and the participants are feeling great.

Azira has been smart to ensure that she includes a post learning practice program too. A week later post learning begins..

Oh dear, why are the number of people who want to practice dropping? Why are the ones who are practicing not seeing the results? Azira touches base with some of them to learn that their day to day work is not allowing them practice and some are practicing but not really seeing the results and hence have stopped practicing.

Azira is now feeling bad but she thinks, she has done the best she could and she moves on. Its end of the year again… will Azira do the same thing all over again?

Here is what I will suggest Azira thinks of

Practice does not make perfect,

It’s the motivation to want to practice that makes perfect 

What can we do ? 

Do not just build a practice program build a motivation program along with the practice that creates the desire to want to practice.

A simple strategy to build a motivation program is to regularly , diligently share success stories of people who are like the participants. People are most influenced by people like them. If along with sharing the practice content , you can also create the motivation to practice, your chances to succeed with learning programs are  much higher.

You are not just persuading people at an intellectual level but also at an emotional level. You will never change the learning culture by just creating practice programs. Think of a motivation program too.

Muhammad Ali’s win can’t just be contributed to practice. It had a lot to do with the motivation behind the practice.


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