Change Storytelling: Super Smart People Need a BIO Story

Karen is responsible for Change Management in her organisation.

Every time she announces a change initiative, there is group of people who would hijack her presentations. They question everything and anything which usually dampens the little enthusiasm that exists for change. This group of people are super smart people.

Karen’s biggest worry, for a long time before any change announcement, was this group of people. After years of being grilled in presentations by them, Karen realised that although super smart people do question everything and anything, the one thing that they agree on is the desire to achieve. It’s who they are. It’s their identity. Let’s not forget, that ability to question and achieve is what made them super smart.

So, what can one do with this insight?

It’s in a very specific style of storytelling that these super smart people find meaning in the change being proposed.

Here is what you can do.

When announcing change, start with a story of what achievements are possible with the change.

For example, World Changing Innovations, Transformational R&D, Workforce of the Future.

Before you give them a playbook on how to change, tell a story of achievement and when you do that, most likely you will hear,

Bring it on!

Here is a 60 secs Wednesday Video where we make the same point

We post 60 secs videos every Wednesday on our instagram @narrativestorytelling

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