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Storytelling and Techniques on Practice

Sue, Director of Quality Management at a MNC attends a workshop on Storytelling. Loves the workshop and remembers that one of thing that will make her good at Storytelling is Post Workshop Practice. Right after the workshop she is determined to Practice. Weeks go by and Sue is struggling to find time to Practice.

Actually, it is not the lack of time. It is lack of clarity on how to practice that creates the inertia.

I leave all my workshops telling participants to Practice and even help them with a 12 week mobile learning program but still sometimes we fail to see results. Why ? because there is more to practice than just feeding information and keeping in touch. Learning to practice Storytelling  or any other skill does not come naturally to us. We have to learn it.

Here are couple of interesting insights on Practice that I have now kept in mind with developing our Storytelling Practice Programs

Practice Storytelling Training and Workshop Singapore Malaysia
Credit: Active Growth, How to become amazing at anything


1)As you get better at a discipline, your rate of improvement drops. It takes some practice to get from terrible to average but the real effort kicks in after average is achieved and you want to become an expert. However, it is worth keeping in mind that you do not have to aim to become an expert to see the value in the skill you are developing.

2) Experts don’t just practice but practice like this. They set a stretch goal, zeroing in on just one narrow aspect of their overall performance. Rather than focus on what they already do well, experts strive to improve specific weakness.

Example, I can run long distances but my pace is not that good. So, when practicing I need to focus on interval training and not just continue running.

Look out for my next blog on Insights on Practice

Narrative’s Storytelling Workshops are designed to help you become better with not just practice but Practice that matters and produces results 

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