You don’t give responsibility you take it

If you observed the trainings at the Badminton Training Academy, you will notice that there are two styles of training that are being conducted. One group of kids undergo intense training and are pushed harder by the head coach, while the other group of kids experience less intensity in their training.

Anyone observing this would perceive the first group of kids to be privileged and have therefore, been given special attention and opportunity to perform better.

A similar set up exists in a professional environment. People, who are seen to be with the boss more often are given challenging projects and more opportunities to perform.

Anyone observing this would think these people are privileged and given more responsibilities that will allow them to gain greater exposure and excel in their careers.

What we fail to see is that these people, who take up greater challenges are the ones who accept the responsibility to learn and be better. They put their hand up and say, ” I will do this.” 

You don’t give responsibility, You TAKE it!

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