Running Training Vs. Corporate  Training

When I train for a marathon, there is a 16 weeks of training programme I must follow at the least.  The training programme is crafted with care. It has dimensions that make my performance better, such as, mileage, hills, strength training etc.

Over the 16 weeks I must turn up again and again and whilst I may say, “I am training” what I am really doing is developing. Developing stamina, strength, ability, muscle and an attitude to perform on a certain day.

And then there is Corporate Training.

Many companies conduct employee training every year. They conduct training for half day, full day or two days where we sit in a room and listen to someone talk. Sometimes a good training programme involves you and you have to show up but mostly for two days at the most. But training like this can’t have a lasting impact because it ignores the development component. Development doesn’t happen in such short periods; it requires you to show up over and over again. And what we call corporate training can merely be termed as trigger for development.

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