Who will I work with?

Its 11.30 PM, I am lying on my bed and thinking through the week this has been so far. We have delivered a lot of work this week which has required us to collaborate with vendors, partners and suppliers. These interactions have shaped my views about the people we work with. When you are time pressed, you notice more, say less and decide quickly.

Here are some stories that have left me thinking at 11.30 PM …

Story 1

A DHL representative arrives to pick up a package. I have not filled the form required to go along with the package because the link that DHL emailed me with the form is broken. I ask the representative, if he can call his office and get them to re send a new link. His response, ” You have to call the office.” Now, I am not sure why he said but I have enough to do, so I don’t argue or challenge and I just call DHL. However, my view about him is shaped.

Story 2

A tech partner we gave a brief to came back with the solution. He has worked according to the brief, every step is followed and there is attention to detail. I notice, there is an experience required that I did not put in the brief because I was not even aware it would be required. I ask the tech partner about the experience, he says, ” I am working to the brief.” My view about him is shaped.

Story 3

A client from another country wants me to speak at an event, the enquiry has come from a speaker’s directory. I tell the representative of the speaker’s directory, ” I can only to this if you do the account management, you can charge for it .” The representative says, ” No, there is no charge and I can represent you.” Of course, I will not take the services for free. My view about her is shaped.

I have an ability to give future business to all the partners mentioned in these stories but based on how my view is shaped I will make my decision. It is worth noticing that the person who I will end up working with in future takes a responsibility and a calculated risk to build a relationship with me.

In the connection economy where we are striving to build connections in a time poor world, we will say less, notice more and decide quickly. Those who seek to succeed will have to take responsibility , take calculated risk and give before they get. Sticking to the brief, ain’t going to help!

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