Does a data analyst always need to data storytell?

Mariam works for an e commerce company as a marketer. She gets relevant and role specific insights from the dashboard of the analytics platform her company uses.

She is empowered to make decisions based on the insights she discovers, she has a track record of good decision making and is acknowledged for her great work. Up until this stage, she is doing just fine by being a data analyst. There is no need to be a data storyteller.

However, one day she uncovers a slightly bigger insight that demands the attention of others and she alone can’t act on this. It’s a significant customer insight that could benefit her company. To pursue these types of insights, she will need buy-in from other people to secure the necessary resources, budget or coordination of teams.

Now, Mariam is going to have to become a data analyst who can data storytell.

This chart from Effective Data Storytelling by Brent Dykes does a great job of explaining when you can just be an analyst and when you need to storytell.


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