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Seth Godin says, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell.

Steve Denning says, “In the 21st century your marketing is in either in your customer’s hand or a reliable third party”

In essence, both the quotes are asking us can you we do something remarkable ( remarkable means worthy of attention ) that compels a customer or a third party to tell a story? If your answer is YES. You know how to market yourself correctly.

Here is my personal experience of a remarkable experience. So remarkable that I am telling a story about it.

It was a couple of weeks ago I had a meeting at an corporate office that I had never been to before. This place has very high security and I was early for the meeting to make sure that I could clear security in time for the meeting. I  was on the meeting floor at 8.30 AM and the meeting was scheduled for 9 AM. So, I started looking for the exact meeting room sent to me by my contact. As I was looking for the name of the meeting room on my phone, I heard a voice, ” May I help” I looked up and I explained to the gentlemen in front of me that I was there for a meeting but was early for it. He said, No problems and escorted me to the right meeting room, opened the door, turned the lights on and said, ” Have a seat, I will let your contact ( who I was there to meet) know that you are here. I looked at him and said, ” You are very kind., Thank you so much. ” He left an impression on me.

At 9 AM the lady who I was there to meet walked in to meeting room and  said, ” Oh, so you met our CEO!” I was surprised and said, ” I had no idea he was your CEO ” but in my head I thought.. I now know why he is a CEO. Straight after the meeting I googled him and read a lot more about Alex (  Mr. Alexander Charles Hungate )

So, he moved me to tell a story about him via his remarkable effort of caring to help someone who looked lost in the corridor. And guess what.. he spent nothing on this marketing effort! To him I am a third party with no incentive to talk about him. So, me telling his story is genuine marketing on his behalf.

Remarkable gestures by leaders are their only marketing efforts because they are the stories people tell about them.This is an act of Storydoing where you move people to take an action. Just like I was moved to tell a story about Alex.

Products and Services earn revenue via Great Marketing 

Leaders earn Loyalty by Storydoing 

Are you story doing?

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