Storytelling: Nujeen responds with an Example and a Story

Nujeen, Head of Department for a Pharmaceutical Company, was asked in a Gender Diversity panel discussion, “Do you see more mothers joining the workforce in your industry?”

As an answer, Nujeen can respond in the following ways:

1. Yes, I do

2. Yes, in fact seven of our department heads are women who are also mothers.

3. Yes, most definitely. Things have changed a lot over the last two years.

It was only three years ago that I arrived 10 mins late to a department head meeting. I walked into the meeting room embarrassed and noticed every eye in that boardroom rolling. Well, the meeting was scheduled to start at 7.30am and I was the only department head who was also a mother.The early start meant that I had to drop my daughter to a friend’s house so that she could drop her to school at 8.30am. It was just impossible for me not to be late.

Today things have changed. Before we decide to schedule a meeting at 7.30am, we ask, “Is this going to work for everyone?” Why? Because out of fifteen department heads, seven are women who are mothers as well.

This confirms that in our industry, more and more mothers are joining the workforce and that is helping us to shape a mothers-savvy organisational culture.

What can we learn from these 3 different style of answering? 

1. Most of us know that we should not answer just yes and no. Nujeen is a panelist because people want to hear her views. Not just Yes and No.

2. The second way of answering is with examples where you elaborate your answer with some facts. It makes your answer credible but there is still a lack of connection.

3. The third style is a response with a Story. This is the only way where we feel the answer, not just hear it.



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