Change Management Storytelling: Don’t use the Word Change

Change Management Storytelling can derail due to the use of word Change 

I am working with a group of Healthcare Practitioners on Change Management Storytelling

The Change is, we will now work with new hospitals in our cluster and share resources.

Almost, each one of them is starting the Change Narrative with the saying something like this

We know Change is hard

We are going to Change  

We have to Change since times are tough

The new Change is going to bring problems

And every time, I am finding myself losing interest in what the leader is about to say.


Because we have fatigue attached to the word Change. We have heard it, experienced it, struggled with it and we don’t like it.

So, I am asking myself a question, Who said, I must use it? I have written about words and prejudice attached to them in my previous Blogs.

Example of such Prejudices are

Sales has a prejudice attached to it Pushy

Storytelling has a Prejudice attached to it Made up

Change has a Prejudice attached to it I don’t like 

Don’t say the word Change because in no way it enhances our message but detracts from it.

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