Storytelling with Pattern Matching : A Shortcut

Storytelling with Pattern matching is a shortcut to a desired outcome.

There is a company with a staff strength of 10,500 employees.

The company introduces a CRM system change. Leadership team wants to convince each and every staff  that the change is good for them. The change promises efficiency.

Expensive and arduous efforts to convince everyone begin. At the end of the internal change campaign a survey is conducted to find out the impact of efforts made.

Oh no, only 10% of the staff are convinced that the change is good!

Here is what we could have done differently

Identify people like Maria who already believe change for efficiency is good.

Maria you were supportive of the last policy change for efficiency, here is another way to be efficient.

We will tell Maria a Story that matches a decision she has already made. In this case the decision is to be efficient. Maria has to make no new decisions, just follow a new way to be efficient

Human being look for stories that align with their existing worldview.

On the other hand, telling someone who is not bought into efficiency to learn new ways of doing things is completely different. No data, no logic and yes even story is likely to change their worldview straight away.

During your Change efforts if you are trying to convince the non believers you have failed even before you have started.

There is a reason why those who love chocolate are willing to try the  new chocolate ice-cream,those who love fitness are willing to try a new fitness dance class that the studio just launched.

In any change initiative I first look for people whose patterns I can match. Time, effort and success brings others along.

Change Management Storytelling program  is designed to help you successfully implement organisational change.

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