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2015 is 20 days away ( this post was written on 11 Dec 2014 ) and we are madly planning for a successful year. Much like every year we have a great list of things we will do and in 2015 we are determined to achieve it all. This is what we are thinking. Correct? Lets rethink this process because I have my doubts we will achieve it all.

For the last 2 months I have travelled working on Brands, Narrative , Experiences and Storytelling and in the process I experienced numerous airline brands. Someone like me is very quick to form an opinion about the brand based on what my experience has been. My recent travel experience involved flight delays, loosing a suitcase, almost missing my connecting flight, my family members being called when the airline can’t trace me, having 3 seats to myself and some very yummy meals and films. I guess all part of a flying experience.

However, there is one experience that deserves a mention and that is my experience with INDIGO AIRLINES . Every time I got on the plane and heard the take off announcement the flight attendant would say, “ Getting you to your destination on time is very important to us” There was huge focus on punctuality and every step of the way INDIGO was delivering this promise. They would make the same announcement on ground transport and get people into the buses quickly to avoid delays. They stayed focused on the one thing that distinguishes them from everyone else

That to me was their CREATIVE EFFORT. Rather than focusing on communication that is centered around great service, great meals, world class fleet and a fabulous cabin crew which quiet frankly is noise, INDIGO has found one way to make a difference to the traveler’s life and that is by being punctual ( those who know the concept of INDIAN STANDARD TIME would appreciate what it means to not have delays)

Indigo talks about PUNCTUALITY and delivers on it.

So, its time to think about what is your creative effort for 2015 and this is what I suggest you do.

1. Look at your list of things, strike off the obvious – great service, great product, collaboration etc. That is a given and becomes background noise.

2. Think of the one thing you are going to do to make your clients enjoy interacting with you versus them just getting what they paid for. In Indigo’s case, the passengers need to get to a destination and the potential problem is delay. So they created their focus on one thing that makes the Indigo experience worthwhile.

(I am hoping an airline will come up with a creative effort of the 5 minute security clearance.)

Get this right.. Throw the original list away. Concentrate on your most important creative effort and telling your creative effort stories will reinforce it. That is how you are different. Your sales storytelling begins with crafting the narrative of – How are you different ?

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