Story or Survey?

You have received employee opinion survey results which reveal to you that people are not very happy in your team.

You are frustrated because as a leader you have been doing plenty to make sure people are happy.

You now have a number from the survey that gives you information on the levels of happiness in the team but measuring it doesn’t mean you can control it. Just like a thermometer can measure your temperature but can’t control it. You must take medicine to control the temperature.

In our situation this medicine comes in the form of a process and here it is ;

We have to first figure out what is causing the reduced levels of happiness? The best option is to ask story eliciting questions which gives you an insight in to what makes people happy or unhappy?

Your question could be,  when was the last time you felt happy or sad at work?

High chance you will get no response.

You ask again but this time by building an image, like this, is there a moment that you can remember when you finished work, walked out of the office and felt like it was such a great day or not such a great day at work? Most likely you will get a response in the form of a story.


Stories are about places and moments. Through your question you take the person in to a moment and place where the story is triggered.

And through the collection of these stories you will arrive at a clear insight on what repeatedly stands out as something that makes people happy or unhappy.

Now, think Story or Survey? 

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