Deep Work : 4 Disciplines Execution Strategy

In an age where we can’t compete with the productivity proposition of GenAI, we must learn to find a new edge. The new edge is in producing distinctive work. No doubt GenAI amps our productivity but it is still not at a stage where it can produce distinctive work.

To produce distinctive work, you must perform Deep Work.

Given below are 4 Disciplines of Execution of Deep Work by Cal Newport. These are given in his book Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

All my storytelling work now is done using these principles

Execute Deep Work like a Business 

To execute deep work we will follow a 4DX (the 4 disciplines of execution),strategy 

Discipline 1 : Focus on the wildly important 

Think of your account plans and territory plans and come up with a very specific thing you aim to achieve for innovation. A small number of very important things per account/ territory

Discipline 2 :  Act on the Lead Measures: Measure your success. In 4DX (the 4 disciplines of execution), there are two types of metrics : lag measures and lead measures. 

– Lag measures describe the thing you’re ultimately trying to improve. This could be in increased customer satisfaction and you could get to know this by customer satisfaction score but the problem is that lag measures come too late. 

– Lead measures, on the other hand, “measure the new behaviors that will drive success on the lag measures. If you want to increase customer satisfaction then lead measure could be understanding every customer’s sales cycle. 

Think of as many lead measure as you can and include them in your account and territory plans

For example, increasing customer satisfaction requires you to understand the customer’s sales cycle. So understanding customers sales cycle becomes a lead measure

Discipline 3:  Keep a Compelling Scoreboard: Over a period of committing to a Deep work measure how many hrs you put in to Deep work. If you start your Deep work schedule with a commitment to do 2 hrs each day. Track it and that will ensure that you know where you are at 

Discipline 4 : Create a Cadence of Accountability: There has to be rhythm of regular and frequent meetings of any team that owns the wildly ambitious goals you created in step 1 . Share your scoreboards and see how you get better

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