“What does it take to become good at storytelling?

“What does it take to become good at storytelling?” asked a Storytelling masterclass participant from Morocco.

A standard answer to this question is – Practice the hell out and you will fall in flow.

But why does practice work? The practice works not because it allows seamless delivery alone.  The practice works because when we are confident of the delivery, we have the mental presence to respond and react to what is happening live. In other words, we become spontaneous. And that is the magic or the heartbeat of effective storytelling – the unplanned connection you make with the audience.

Just like when a dancer has practiced the steps well, he/she is left with the mental space to bring their own nuance to the dance.

Practice is the enabler not the cause

Stay Storied!

Book Update ( the new publication date )

If you are not new here you would know that my upcoming boom Strategic Storytelling published by The Hachette Book Group is launching in May this year.  We are planning a few events leading up to the book launch. Please sign up here if you would like to be the first to know.

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