A Mirage of Relationships

A kitchen that is used, gets messy.

A baker who bakes, gets burnt.

A foot that runs, has scars.

A mother who cares, disciplines.

A wife who loves, gives feedback.

A teacher who is passionate, pushes harder.

A friend who is sincere, speaks truthfully.

None of the above, a messy kitchen, being burnt, having scars, disciplining, giving feedback, pushing harder, speaking truthfully is enjoyable for our relationship with ourselves and others. And sure we can avoid all this by making a choice to

Not cook.

Not bake.

Not run.

Not care.

Not push.

Not be truthful.

There you go, life is a lot easier now. No conflict with self or others due to avoidance. You have ease and peace. We love this place.

However, such ease and peace signals a mirage of relationship not a true relationship. One where we will never surface the best in ourselves and those who matter to us.

If you are starting a relationship ( not everything you do and everyone you know can be defined as a relationship, be selective ) with a new job, a new project, a new initiative don’t focus on ease and avoidance because that will lead you in to a mirage of relationship.

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