Corporate journalism, a conduit to corporate storytelling

Corporate Storytelling lacks adoption due to its wrong positioning.

Gifted, creative, charismatic and confident are words associated with storytellers. And this very association demotivates corporate leaders to want to adopt an identity of a corporate storyteller. Fair enough, I would say, because all the adjectives associated with being a storyteller seem far fetched for a time poor corporate professional. Let’s not forget they are in their roles mostly, because of their domain expertise and not because they are gifted, creative, charismatic and confident.

However, in a corporate setting this idea is preposterous. Corporate storytelling can thrive if we position it like corporate journalism.

Corporate journalism is akin to knowing what you want to say or having clarity on the point you want to make and then finding a story that can covey that point. In finding the story you must look for its what, when, where, who, why and how. Then convey it in a manner that accounts for why people who are listening to your message should care.

For example, it is one thing to say, ” We work in silos.” And another to find a story, like a journalist and then report it with details and explain why that matters to the people who are listening to you.

Corporate journalism is  a conduit to corporate storytelling. If you are

  • clear about the point you want to make
  • ready to find a story that with details on 5 W’s and 1 H
  • clear about why that story matters to the people listening

You are a corporate storyteller. Go tell a story and make a change happen.

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