Storytelling: The Malcolm Gladwell Start

No matter how well known you are, if you are in going to a new country to work, creating a connection with people is an effort worth making. Of course it is easier said than done. A lot of us are unaware of effective strategies to create this connection.

Many believe that the best way to create a connection is by telling a story about yourself. A story that reveals a character trait of yours. Such storytelling can be effective but not always because so much of the focus here is on you and not your audience.

Depending on the situation your audience may or may not resonate with it.

So, what could be done in a situation where we need to create a connection but also can’t tell a story that reveals our character traits? How can we say something that creates a connection?

Watch these two short videos of Malcolm Gladwell where he is in a new country and he builds a connection with effective storytelling. The   focus of the story is not the speaker but the audience.

Malcolm Gladwell Creates A Connection With Storytelling In India 


Malcolm Gladwell Creates A Connection With Storytelling In Dubai 


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