Use of Storytelling for Artificial Intelligence 

A real story of the use of Storytelling for Artificial Intelligence.

Samantha is the President of a FMCG organization that has launched an AI project. The goal of the project is for every department within the organization to have an AI-led initiative. This has caused some unrest in the non-technical departments who fear AI. One such department is Human Resources. These departments do not understand how and why AI is relevant to them. This is how Samantha storytells:

“Let us look at how HR has evolved over the years. When I was in university and looking for a job, I used to buy a newspaper every weekend because that was the only place where jobs were posted. Many of us got our first job from the newspaper listing. And when we heard back from the companies or went for interviews, HR would be our first point of contact. They were the first impressions of the company.

But today people are not waiting for a weekend newspaper; they can go to LinkedIn, forums, job listings, find out what jobs are available, and send their CV directly. This has put our HR folks in a very different position. From connecting and interviewing people, HR is now sorting CVs because the number we receive is overwhelming. The HR team is working harder, adding less value and losing their importance in the organization. It is not fair for them. How about we give this low-value task of CV sorting to AI and get our HR people back in the people business?”

By using a story that is hyper targeted for HR professionals Samantha has shifted from just telling to storytelling. Because the latter has the power to inspire and influence, and the former does not. If Samantha was practicing just telling, it would have sounded something like

“We have to work with AI in the company for productivity, efficiency and new business model generations.”

Feel the difference?

Storytelling may have started in caves but remains relevant for the digital age. Let’s not forget: We may have access to more information today, and we may be working with bytes, but we have never stopped working with humans. And for as long as there are humans, there is storytelling — in the caves or in the digital age.

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