Storytelling : Correct Versus Connect

Make your messages correct. Since we were in school we have been taught to do so. But correct is a given, our key differentiating factor is  in how we make these messages connect.

Understand this,

  • Telling a child,  “Do not eat too much sugar” is a correct message
  • Telling an employee, “If we do not change our ways of working, we will lose market share” may be a correct message in your case
  • Telling consumers,” Our product has the best ingredients” when it really does,  is a correct message too

But all of the above rarely leads to a desired action,

  • Kids don’t stop eating sugar
  • Employees don’t jump and change ways of working
  • And surely, we don’t get queues of consumers wanting to buy our product.


Because the story we told ourselves was that being correct when communicating is what we need to do. And forgot that if something is correct but doesn’t connect, it is handicapped of making a change happen.

Your storytelling will fall on deaf ears, despite being correct, if it doesn’t connect.

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