Storytelling : The Risks of Resonance

A story that doesn’t resonate will never be true for your audience. Even if it is factual. We know the importance of resonance with storytelling.

However, the risks of resonance are under-explored. Every storyteller who attempts to bring resonance must take the responsibility to analyse the risks with resonance too.

When we want a story to resonate, we remind people of the experiences they have already had. People listen and nod their heads in agreement. But sometimes in an effort to create resonance, we end up creating a platform for co-rumination.

Co-rumination involves repeatedly discussing and rehashing problems with someone else without coming up with a solution. You listen to a story about a boss being evil and that story resonates with you, it makes you feel like you are not alone. But it doesn’t change anything for you.

That is the risk of resonance… the fact that it can lead to co-rumination. It blurs the lines between helping and hindering.

The primary role of a story told with a purpose is to make a change happen in a positive direction and if your story stops at just resonance, it is wasted effort.

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